TP-link Kasa KC120 Indoor Wifi Camera vs Amcrest vs Foscam

TP-link steps into smart home environment products by releasing Kasa Smart home router as smart home wifi network environment for smart home devices including smart motion sensor, smart plugs, smart switches and smart cameras – the Kasa KC120 indoor wifi camera and KC200 outdoor wifi camera.

We will discuss Kasa KC120 and then we compare it with Amcrest ip4m-1051 and also Foscam R4, the last two products have higher resolution and are stable in the market so far.

What this Kasa KC120 does

TP-link wants to complete all smart home products in one “Kasa” series including smart home Kasa wifi router that will support connected smart home Kasa products including one of them is the KC120 indoor Kasa Camera and the outdoor version of Kasa KC200.

1080p @30 fps

This Kasa K120 camera is equipped with a stand that you can place on a desk or bookshelf or in high places in your room. It is powered via AC adapter plugged in, not with a battery like the Arlo. So that the camera can be designed with a resolution of 1080p @ 30 frame per second real time speed. Arlo cannot be run with speed @ 30 fps, it is powered by battery.

TP-link Kasa KC120 Indoor Camera
TP-link Kasa Indoor Camera (~$77)

Grow as much as 36 cameras

As one of Kasa smart-home products to connect to home wifi router, Kasa KC120 is designed not like a surveillance system that is connected to an NVR system, but by using Kasa Management Software to allow you to add up to 36 cameras so that it is more flexible in its management. You can place the camera anywhere as long as you can get a good WiFi signal. It’s like a 32 channel NVR system even more cameras to connect. See also top five 8ch POE NVR system kits.

Super wide angle

The good thing with this wireless home camera is the super 130 degree wide view angle it can demonstrate, so you can place the camera on the wall to cover almost the whole horizontal front view. But when you compare it with Zmodo Sight 180 camera you can find that Kasa camera is not as wide as Zmodo which demonstrates 180 degree super wide view angle.

Two way audio

The bet thing with home wireless camera is the ability to talk in two way direction, locally or remotely when you are away on the go. Keep in touch with your family not just viewing via the palm of your hand but ability to make two way conversation.

Dual band wifi

Kasa indoor camera is one step ahead of other home wireless camera in using dual band wifi connection based on 802.11ac standard with speed up to 400Mbps @5Ghz band. Compared with other two band wifi cameras including Foscam R4 or Amcrest ip3m-941 wifi camera or the newer one is Amcrest IP4M-1051.

With built-in dual band wireless ac adapter embedded in Kasa camera, you can assure that the wireless connection is fast using low latency network @5Ghz band instead of 2.4Ghz band when connecting to your dual band wireless ac routers such as TP-link Smart home router, Netgear wireless ac router or Linksys.

For complete spec details and other manufacturer’s description click the product link at end of article, the following lists the highlights .


  • Full HD 1080p resolution wireless home camera @30 fps
  • Super 130 degree wide view angle, nearly cover your front view
  • Fixed 3.2mm lens f2.0 all glass crystal lens
  • Night vision range up to 25 ft (8m), enough for room
  • Two way audio with built-in microphone and speaker for two way communication via your mobile devices
  • Motion and audio detection with alerts
  • Dual band wifi connection speeds up to 150Mbps @2.4Ghz or 433Mbps @5Ghz wifi ac ideal connect to wifi ac routers including Kasa wifi router
  • Comes with management software for viewing and recording up to 36 cameras
  • 2 relay remote simultaneous users

TP-link Kasa wifi camera becomes competitive in the market with richer features including wireless ac-based dual band wifi than those wifi cameras have been around in the market so far. This product is released with slightly lower price around $70 in Amazon than competing products like Amcrest or Foscam.

Click here for Kasa Indoor Camera more details

Kasa KC120 vs Amcrest vs Foscam

What makes this TP-link Kasa indoor camera different with other competing products like Amcrest ip4m-1051 and Foscam R4? We will present two comparison tables of these three products, Kasa, Amcrest and Foscam.

Amcrest IP4m-1051
Amcrest ip4m-1051 4mp wifi dual band camera

Camera lens

Foscam R4 offers higher resolution 4mp @25 fps, Amcrest 4mp @20 fps and Kasa offers 2.1mp @30 fps real time frame rate. And TP-link Kasa offers super wide 130 degree view angle, however both Amcrest and Foscam are designed with panning and tilting capability to cover the whole room corners you can manage remotely.

Wifi connection

In the emerging of wireless ac technology applied to any wireless devices including wifi routers, access points and range extenders, TP-link offers Kasa indoor camera with dual band wireless ac technology for faster wifi speed connecting to wifi network and so does Amcrest ip4m-1051. Foscam is till with one wireless 802.11b/g/n single band.

foscam r4 4mp camera
Foscam R4 4MP Wireless PTZ Camera (~$100)

Have a look at the following spec comparison tables, table 1 shows you TP-link vs Amcrest and table 2 shows TP-link vs Foscam.

Table 1 TP-link Kasa vs Amcrest

ModelTP-link Kasa KC120 IndoorAmcrest ip4m-1051
Resolution2.1mp 1080p @30 fps4mp (2688×1520) @20 fps
LensFixed 3.2mm lens f2.0Fixed 2.8 mm lens f2.0
FOV130 degree120 degree diagonal view; 360 degree endless panning and ~90 degree tilting
Night visionYes, range up to 25 ftYes, 12 IR LEDs range up to 32 ft
AudioTwo way with built-in Mic. and speakerTwo way with built-in Mic. and speaker
TriggerMotion and audio motion detectionMotion with advanced zone detection
WifiDual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac2.4GHz(802.11b/g/n) ; 5GHz(802.11ac/a /n)
Wifi speedsUp to 150Mbps @2.4Ghz plus up to 433Mbps @5Ghz bandwifi AC, unspecified speed, typically around 400Mbps
StorageFree 2 days Cloud storageMicro SD Card; free 4-hours cloud storage; Onvif NVR
Price (Nov 2019 in Amazon)$60.00$90.00

Table 2 compares Kasa KC120 with Foscam R4. Actually there is the newer version – the Foscam Z2 series which is equipped with a 4x optical zoom lens, even though it is only 1080p @ 25 fps.

Table 2 TP-link Kasa vs Foscam

ModelTP-link Kasa KC120 IndoorFoscam R4
Resolution2.1mp 1080p @30 fps4mp  (2560×1440) @25 fps
LensFixed 3.2mm lens f2.0Fixed 4.0mm lens f2.1
FOV130 degree67 degree; panning 300 degree
Night visionYes, range up to 25 ftYes, 13 IR LEDs range up to 25 ft
AudioTwo way with built-in Mic and speakerTwo way with built-in high quality Mic. and speaker
TriggerMotion and audio motion detectionMotion detection
WifiDual band 802.11 b/g/n/acSingle band 802.11b/g/n
Wifi speedsUp to 150Mbps @2.4Ghz plus up to 433Mbps @5Ghz band150Mbps
StorageFree 2 days Cloud storageMicro SD card (~128GB); Foscam cloud service
Price (Nov 2019 in Amazon)$60.00$80.00

To learn more spec details, manufacturer’s description, current price and rating click the product’s link below:


TP-link introduces Kasa Smart home router that can support in full performance of your Kasa KC120 indoor wifi camera as well as other ZigBee and Z-Wave compliant devices. in the era of smart home environment, TP-link Kasa Indoor and outdoor cameras are one step ahead of other competing products.

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