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Most Popular Blink XT2 vs TP-Link Kasa KC310 s2 Wire-free Camera

Another introduction of wire-free camera is offered by TP-link – the Kasa KC310 s2 in addition of the first version of smart Kasa KC310 s2 wire-free system. We’ll see which one is more economical compared with Amazon Blink XT2.

Kasa KC310s2

Like the Arlo Pro which is sold with the Hub station package and one or more Arlo cameras, the Kasa KC310 is also sold with the included Hub station package and 2 Kasa kc310 wire-free cameras. Kasa  Kc310 is sold cheaper than the previous version KC300. What is the difference between Kasa kc310 and kc300?

Kasa KC310 s2 wire-free camera
Kasa KC310 s2 wire-free camera system

KC310 vs KC300

KC310 is designed with features slightly lower than the KC300 which was first released to the market some time ago. Although both camera systems are the same wire-free and 1080p full HD resolution, the frame rate is different. KC310 offers a resolution of 1080p @ 15 fps (frames per second) while the KC300 offers resolution of 1080p @ 30 fps – a real time speed, same as Blink XT2 which resolution is also 1080p @30 fps.


The second difference is the siren which is available for KC300 but not for KC310. Both kc300 wire-free camera and the hub station come with built-in siren but kc310 and the hub station don’t. With kc300 when the motion is detected within the customized zone, the camera sends push notification to your Smartphone and siren is triggered to deter the unwanted guest.

You may like new Arlo Pro 3 color night vision – new Arlo with floodlight for color night vision and Hub station is now an option, not mandatory anymore.

For smooth video footage with real time frame rate, kc300 with siren should be your preference instead of no siren for kc310. Take a look at the following feature differences between the two models.

Table 1 Kasa KC310 vs K300

Kasa ModelKasa KC310s2Kasa KC300s2
Camera resolution1080p @15 fps1080p @30 fps
SirenN/AYes, both camera and the hub station (hub with On/Off siren button)
AlertsMotion detection and audio detection with push notificationMotion detection and camera On/Off with siren alert and push notification
Removable rechargeable BatteryNoYes
Cloud service24 hours free cloud storage for 1 year48 hours free cloud storage for 1 year
Price (2 cameras + hub)$179.99$269.99

Since both models of wire-free camera system don’t support local memory storage, you need to subscribe cloud storage service plan offered by Kasa, when you first purchase the Kasa wire-free camera system you have one year free cloud storage and after one year you need to subscribe in yearly basis to get all smart Kasa features.

Without the local memory storage, or cloud storage you cannot playback what matters in your video footages, you cannot see the motion detection clips stored in any system storage but live view. See kasasmart option cloud plan.   


  • Wire-free outdoor security camera 1080p @15 fps with H.264 format
  • 3.26mm fixed lens with ½.7” image sensor and wide 130 degree view angle
  • Motion and audio detection with push notification to your Smartphone
  • Night vision with arrange up to 25 ft
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone  
  • Wireless 802.11n up to 72Mbps @2.4GHz to the hub station
  • 1 year free 12 hours cloud storage, after that you need to subscribe cloud storage plan
  • Live streaming, push notifications and talk, activity zones and activity notifications
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • IP65 water and dust resistant


  • No local memory storage, you require to subscribe cloud storage plan for smart alerts feature

With two Kasa KC310 wire-free cameras and Kasa hub, the product is tagged around $180 in some online stores including Amazon.

Click the link below to learn more spec details and link to SHOP Kasa KC310s2 in Amazon.

Kasa KC310s2 vs Blink XT2

Now we compare this Kasa KC310s2 product with popular Amazon products – the Blink XT2 wire-free camera which becomes one of best seller Amazon products in the market today.

Blink XT2 wire-free outdoor camera
Blink XT2 wire-free outdoor camera


Both Blink XT2 and Kasa KC3010 are wire-free outdoor camera powered by battery. However, Blink is powered by two AA Lithium batteries that can last up to two years. Kasa is powered by rechargeable battery.

Resolution is the same 1080p full HD but different frame rate, Blink offers real time @30 fps 1080p same as Kasa KC300. But Kasa KC310 offers you 1080p @15 fps. Blink delivers smoother video than kc310 but view angle is not as wide as Kasa.

Free cloud Storage

The best part what Blink offers is the free cloud storage forever for all your clips footage videos stored up to 1 year rollover. And see that with Kasa kc310 wire-free you need only one year free cloud storage for clips only 12hours rollover. No wonder, Blink XT2 is very popular and the price is also the same as Kasa.

 Table 2 gives you features comparison table between Kasa kc310 and Blink xt2 wire-free camera system, same price with two cameras and the hub module.

Table 2. Kasa vs Blink

Wire-free modelKasa KC310s2Blink XT2 (2-pack)
Wire-free module2 KC310 cams with hub station2 XT2 cams with Synch module
Camera resolution1080p @15 fps1080p @30 fps
View angle130 degree110 degree
Night visionIR LED range up to 25 ft (8m)PIR sensor with IR LED
PowerNon-removable reachable batteryTwo AA 1.5V Lithium batteries – non rechargeable battery  – up to 2 years life
AudioTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphoneTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
StorageNo local memory, free 12 hours cloud storage for 1 yearClips stored up to 1 year in free cloud storage , no monthly contract
ProcessorUnknown  Immedia Proprietary – AC1002B, 4 cores / 200MHz               
Ingress ratedIP65 weatherproofIP65 weatherproof
Price (Jul 2020)$179.99 (2-cams with hub)$179.99 (2-cams kit)

So far Blink XT2 becomes top rated and best seller wire-free security camera products with affordable price and free cloud storage. Click the link below to shop in Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Blink XT2

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