Various Models of 4k Front Car Camera

You might be familiar or having installed in your vehicle full HD (1080p) resolution dash cam either front car camera or dual lens front and rear dash cam such as Auto vox M6 dash cam, or higher resolution twice as high resolution as 1080p which is 2k resolution dash cam such as Dbpower 2k dash cam.

4k dash cam

Today you can find few models of ultra HD (as known as 4k) resolution dash cam, four times as high resolution as 1080p dash camera. Super high resolution 4k dash cam to satisfy your experience in playing back your video footage when you’re back home from touring with your dash cam installed on your vehicle to record the video during the journey.

Geo tagging

Some dash cams, front dash cam recording systems come with built-in GPS so you don’t need to purchase separate GPS unit to accompany you during touring. Some dash cam recording units supports GPS with geo tagging to accurately record your location. Not all models of front car cameras come with built-in GPS. With built-in GPS is very good feature in dash cam.

There are few models with 4k resolution dash cam you can find in the market today, the following lists some models of front car cameras, 4k dash cam.

Rove R2

Rove R2 is one of best front car camera, the best 4k dash cam available in the market so far. It provides you super high quality 4k resolution video footage with resolution up to 2160p @24 fps (frame per second).

The good thing with this product is that you don’t need to purchase separate GPS unit, it comes with built-in GPS geo tagging and microSD memory slot for local memory storage up to 128GB data space.

Rove R2 4k dash cam - front car camera
Rove R2 4k dash cam – front car camera (~$130)


  • Ultra HD (4k) resolution front car camera available in the market today
  • Wide 150 degree viewing angle
  • 4” LCD screen
  • Built-in GPS geo tagging for location and driving speed recording
  • Built-in wifi for easy video access to your mobile device with free Rove app
  • Super night vision custom software with most advanced NT-96660 processor
  • Loop recording with micro SD up to 128GB
  • G-sensor and motion detection
  • Features time lapse video, firmware update, live speed and phone/text support


  • Doesn’t support backup rear camera
  • No parking assistance

Rove 2R delivers you very sharp and clear super high resolution video up to ultra 4k @24 fps, and photo resolution up to 12MP (5312x2988p) resolution ideal for landscape view video and image documentation while you are travelling. The price tagged is around $130 and generally drops by the time when new models are coming.

Click the link below to learn more detail, current price in Amazon and rating is currently excellent above 4 out of 5.

Click here to learn more detail Rove 2R

Kamtron 4k Dash Cam

As discussed above 4k das cam offered by Rove R2 front car camera with the price tagged around $130, you might be interested with lower price model  offered by Kamtron which the price is half of the Rove R2 price. Are there any features differences?

Kamtron 4k front car camera
Kamtron 4k front car camera (~$65)

All the design and features are almost the same, the same 4k resolution of front car camera unit with built-in GPS geo tagging, motion detection, G-sensor, same super 150 degree wide view angle and loop recording. But this product supports only up to 64GB microSD card compared with Rove R2 that supports up to 128GB microSD card.

Click here to learn more detail Kamtron 4k dash cam

With 4k dash cam, 4k resolution front car camera provides you very sharp and more detail compared with standard 1080p dash cam.

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