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Various Models of Hidden Spy Camera

Various models of spy camera or known as hidden camera available on the market today.

Why you need spy camera?

It is not good if you feel that you are being watched by someone, or even on the contrary you want to always keep an eye on someone without that person knows that you are spying on him / her. For that reason you need a tool to monitor something like a hidden camera or spy camera which is mini in size and not visible at first glance that he / she is being watched by a surveillance camera.

Unlike professional video camera, or any types of home security camera, spy cameras are hidden and they are tiny products with advanced technology. Today the price of those tiny products is getting lower and even the technology applied to them is getting better and more advanced.

Various models

The hidden cameras can be in any models that can be placed anywhere such as behind the mirrors, the books, the watches, vases, pen, alarm clock, or any places to hide this tiny cameras.

Agent Spy 007 HD Stealth II Spy Pen

Do you want to cover an investigation without having to look inconspicuous by bringing ordinary camcorder that might be forbidden by the victims, the spy pen camera will help you. It’s very practical can be installed in your shirt pocket without inviting suspicion that you are recording the investigation.

spy pen camera
Agent Spy 007 – spy pen

Agent Spy 007 HD Stealth II is a new spy pen camera product that can produce HD video recording. The spy pen contain tiny camera with the storage memory SD Card up to 8GB packed within the pen.

High quality design for spying tasksFeatures:

  • Includes video – camera mode switch
  • HD video quality 1080×720pixels with AVI format
  • HD video recording with sensitive audio
  • Time and Date settings
  • Actual working ball point ink pen with interchangeable ink tips
  • Can produce image resolution of up to 2 Megapixel 4032×3024p

The good thing with this hidden camera is that it can record video up to the 8GB storage, last long time ideal for spying mission tasks. This Agent Spy 007 pen camera is designed with high quality parts and material and is cheap but performs well.

Agent Spy 007 Key Chain Camera

One of the hidden camera models that can be camouflaged well is spy camera in the form of a key chain. You will not be surprised if this item is a spy tool that is being used to perform a spy mission. This product comes from the same vendor as the spy pen camera above i.e. Spy Agent 007. Instead of in the form of pen, this one is disguised as the key chain. This one is cheaper than the above product, almost half price of the spy pen. The feature is almost the same as the pen one, it has multiple modes including video record, sound record, photo capture.

key chain spy camera
Key Chain Agent Spy 007

This product receives excellent rating in Amazon with average customer rating 4.5 out of 5 star so far (March 2015).

Key chain model with built-in mini camcorder and video recorderMain features

  • Last longer with included memory storage of 8GB
  • HD quality of video and image as well as audio recording
  • Video resolution of 720 x 480p@30fps in AVI format and Play on your laptop
  • Can capture image JPG format with 1280 x 1024p
  • Record button to start recording
  • USB Plug & Play Compatible and can be used as USB storage device
  • Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery to last 2 hours approximately

Wondering that this tiny key chain spy camera lasts not one full year to break? No worries, the Agent Spy 007 gives you 5 years warranty – assuring that this product is built in high quality parts with advanced technology in a compact key chain model.

enKo Radio Spy Camera

Should you want a static camera hidden somewhere for example placed in the bedroom, in the living room, then the spy camera hidden inside a radio or alarm clock is more natural than other models. But that is not suitable for mobile like spy pen and key chain camera.

enKo Radio Spy Camera
enKo Radio Spy Camera

enKo comes in a new model of spy camera hidden in a radio, a clock with built-in speaker with the built-in Night Vision spy camera. This camera includes option storage of 16 or 32 GB micro SDHC memory storage.

Digital clock with functional FM radio and MP3-MP4 player with built-in spy camera and DVRMain features

  • Hidden camera with Night vision feature 6ft range – automatically infrared turn-on
  • Aluminum body with built-in LCD (with 640 x 480p) and speaker. Playback video via LCD display.
  • Continuous loop recording capability
  • Lithium-ion battery with 3-8 hours runtime

This model can be disguised very well on your living room or anywhere normally a clock or radio sits. Unlike the other two Agent Spy 007 products above, this product cannot record the audio. The good thing is that it comes with Night vision capability. The price is almost as much as those cheap home security cameras such as Foscam and  Rocam or any best home wireless security cameras which have been equip with PTZ feature.

The rating so far is excellent, which is 4 out of 5 star, the price is more expensive than the other spy pen and key chain models.  However, according to me spy pen gives a better disguise and is mobile. Obviously you have a personal preference which model is more suitable for you, spy pen, key chain or radio.


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