Various Models of PTZ Outdoor Camera

There are various models of POE PTZ Camera with H.264 compression and some come with new H.265 compression technology with IP66 weatherproof and vandal resistant, ideal for either outdoor or indoor placement. With H.265 camera you can reduce the bandwidth usage for the video traffic within your computer network up to 60% as opposed to standard H264 compression technology. PTZ outdoor camera should be compliant to IP66 weatherproof standard and is much better should it be vandal resistant too.

PTZ camera

In business environment with large area to cover into surveillance security system, deployment of a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera helps you control the way you direct the camera by panning horizontally, tilting vertically and to get more closer look by zooming in to the object in target. It’s also good recording events in professional studio.


PTZ camera is naturally placed outdoor that is exposed to the harsh environment, even though many are installed indoor. It is therefore the IP66 weatherproof resistant is a must, and much better with the addition of vandal resistant feature. So that’s why you should assure that your PTZ outdoor camera must comply to IP66 weatherproof and vandal resistant rated.

Easy installation with POE

To help you reduce the hassle of power cabling to the camera, make sure that your PTZ camera supports POE (Power over Ethernet). With POE PTZ camera you just run a single CAT5e or CAT6 network cable from the camera to the POE Switch or POE power injector, a single cable for both video data and camera power.   See also previous discussion about PTZ HD resolution camera with POE.


Most IP cameras are compliant with H.264 compression technology, video data is compressed to reduce the bandwidth before the data is transmitted to the network. Most analog camera are not H.264 compliant since they are transmitted using coaxial cable directly to the DVR system such as Amcrest HDCVI DVR system. However, the newest compression technology today is H.265 which is more efficient up to 60% compared with the standard H.264 technology. Choose this camera should your camera join to the large computer network environment to reduce the bandwidth consumption.

Various Models

There are heaps of IP cameras on the shelves store, and much more in online stores you need to select which one is suitable to meet your need, a POE PTZ camera or the one that is also a H.265 camera you should understand the features. The following shows you some of PTZ outdoor cameras you may consider to purchase, the one that is suitable to your business environment.

1. GW Security gw5501p PTZ Camera

For premium class, you can consider a new Gw5501p PTZ camera product offered by GW Security which is designed with 20x optical zoom and high resolution (5MP) compared to similar PTZ products on the market today.

This ptz outdoor camera is designed with a special aluminum-titanium alloy double case body construction to ensures this product is solid and is IP67 weatherproof with the addition of a wiper and lightening protection.

With 5mp resolution ensures you do not miss the image details, sharp and clear even when fully zoomed in up to 20x optical zoom on objects with long distances, one of best PTZ outdoor cameras in the market.

gw security gw5501p with 20x optical zoom
GW security gw5501p with 20x optical zoom


  • POE PTZ speed dome camera with 5MP high resolution @30 fps
  • Supports H.265 compression format to save storage space
  • Varifocal 4.7mm ~ 94mm lens providing 20x optical motorized zoom
  • Night vision with 8pcs IR Array range up to 328 ft
  • Endless 360 degree horizontal panning up to 200 degree /s speed and 90 degree tilting
  • Onvif 2.6 protocol supported
  • IP66 weatherproof with lightning protection, anti-fog, anti-obscure, anti-shock, anti-surging and is designed with Aluminum alloy housing, good heat dissipation

This ptz poe camera product that comes with rich features is sold at a fairly high price in Amazon of around $ 530. Please click the product link below to see the detailed spec and also link to shop on Amazon.

Click here for GW Security POE PTZ camera

2. USG H.265 Camera

Urban Security Group (USG) offers you various models of high resolution PTZ outdoor camera ranging from 2MP to 5MP high resolution camera. One of the item model is USGASRIH6920203042AS3042, what a lengthy number to remember. Forget about the product number, this model comes with two different mounts either ceiling mount or wall mount. See also the 5MP IP varifocal security cameras discussed earlier.

USG PTZ H265 camera
USG PTZ H265 Camera

This is a business grade PTZ outdoor camera offering high grade features including new H.265 compression technology and is very strong housing with NEMA 4x vandal resistant and off course IP66 weatherproof rating.


  • Designed with latest H.265 compression technology
  • High resolution of up to 5MP ultra HD (4K)
  • Night vision with 8x Germany IR LEDs illuminating up to 400 ft distance
  • 20x optical zoom with motorized 4.7 mm ~ 94 mm focal length
  • IP66 weatherproof rated and NEMA 4x Vandal resistant
  • Support P2P technology for easy remote access configuration

With H.265 compression technology you can assure this PTZ camera doesn’t hog your computer network bandwidth, reduce the network latency when you deploy many cameras within your large business environment. Unfortunately this camera doesn’t support POE for easy installation, and is ideal in connecting to new USG 32 channel H.265 NVR system or any other H.265 Onvif NVR system.

Click here for more spec details and current price

For smaller mega pixel PTZ outdoor camera you may consider the one below.

3. Sunba 601-D20X 2MP PTZ Camera

This is smaller mega pixel than the one offered by USG, the 2MP 1080p resolution PTZ camera with POE support. However, it is not H.265 camera like the one above. And the good thing is that it also features P2P cloud support for seamless cloud connection.

Sunba 601-D20X POE PTZ Camera
Sunba 601-D20X POE PTZ Camera


  • 2MP Sony CMOS sensor 1080p resolution
  • OSRAM + Laser light + Array light + Optical lens
  • Super strong IR illuminates distance up to 350 meters
  • Power over Ethernet supports
  • P2P cloud technology for easy remote connection with mobile devices
  • 20x optical zoom with focal length 4.7 mm ~ 94 mm
  • Onvif supported and Blue Iris compatible

The best thing with POE PTZ camera is the IR distance to reach up to 350 meters with 4x OSRAM lights, laser light and array lights. Ideal solution for long distance night patrol in mining industries or plants, or even for large homes as well.

Click here for more technical spec’s detail for Sunba 601-D20X PTZ camera

For smaller optical zoom factor, you may consider the following product.

4. Sequplug+ 1080 PTZ camera

Compared with the above Sunba 601-D20X PTZ outdoor camera, Secuplug 1080p PTZ camera has smaller optical factor of only 10x as opposed to twice optical zoom factor applied to the above two products. This is ideal for homes, parking area, office yard or small business offices indoor or outdoor.

secuplug 1080p PTZ Camera
secuplug 1080p PTZ Camera

Main features

  • 1/3 inch progressive scan CMOS Lens with 2.0MP (1080p) HD resolution
  • 5 inch mini size PTZ IP Dome Camera
  • 264 compression format
  • PTZ features, 360 degree endless panning and up to 90 degree tilting and with 10X optical zoom lens
  • Lens f=5mm (wide) ~ 50mm (tele)
  • view angle 51.8 (wide)~5.86 degree (tele) horizontal and 39.1 (wide)~4.4 degree (tele) vertical
  • Night vision with 6xLEDs with auto control, illuminating up to 150 ft (50m) distance
  • Onvif 2.2 and P2P support


  • Doesn’t support POE

It doesn’t support POE feature actually, so you need to provide a separate power line to the camera. make sure to protect the power outlet against any water that might cause short circuit. The good thing is that so far the customer rating is positive with this product.

Click here to learn more detail Secuplug 1080p PTZ camera


For large area to cover within your business environment, USG product is preference the fact that it supports video recording up to 4K resolution. And with the addition of newest H.265 compression technology, the USG PTZ outdoor camera can reduce network bandwidth not to contribute latency. For lower budget, you may consider Sunba 601 series or Sequplug Outdoor PTZ cameras.

For covering long distance night vision up to 350 meters, you may consider Sunba product that comes with OSRAM lights, Laser light and array lights to reach up to 350 meters night vision. Secuplug PTZ camera is adequate for home or small businesses.

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