Vava Cam Pro Wireless Battery Camera vs Arlo

Battery cameras have become a trend for easy installation of security cameras for homes, or more commonly as known as wire-free cameras, considering that wire-free cameras don’t need cables anymore to connect to your internet network at home. So you can put the battery camera anywhere in location that is difficult to install a power outlet or network cable. Wire-free camera is a wifi camera with battery power.

Arlo is the pioneer of wire-free camera and today you can find lots of battery camera in the market to compete with Arlo including the made in china products Vava Cam Pro and EufyCam wire-free cameras.

We’ll discuss Vava Cam Pro and simultaneously compare it with Arlo Pro 3 and Eufy Eufycam Pro for any differences among them. 

Vava wire-free  camera system
Vava wire-free camera system

Vava Cam Pro

Vava comes with a home base station to let all vava wire-free cams connect to the internet network via home base. This home base supports up to 4pcs Vava cams to connect and it supports micro SD card memory storage up to 128GB.

Mostly all models of wire-free cameras come with home base that supports memory storage, however not all wire-free cams come with home base to work. New models of Arlo Pro 4 wire-free cams don’t need to have home base, they can connect directly to your home wireless network. On the other hand, the previous Arlo Pro 3 series requires home base.


Like the Arlo Pro 3 and also the Eufy Eufycam wire-free camera, the Vava Cam Pro comes with a base station which includes a micro SD card storage slot with capacity up to 128GB storage and the good thing is that it comes with built-in 8GB of free memory storage installed. Besides that, you can also subscribe to Amazon cloud storage as a storage option, what about security? Don’t worry; your video data will be encrypted with bank-level encryption.

Like Vava, Eufycam also comes with base station which comes with built-in 16GB EMMC memory storage.

Arlo base station doesn’t have a memory slot, however it has a USB interface you can connect a USB external hard disk as the local storage. And the cloud storage plan is also available.   

Eufy EufyCam Pro wire-free camera
Eufy EufyCam Pro wire-free camera


Vava comes with standard resolution of 1080p full HD, sharp enough when you live view and playback the footage via your mobile device. What about the competing products? Arlo Pro 3 and Eufycam Pro come with higher resolution, twice as high resolution as Vava. Off course, higher resolution is better and gives you more image detail especially when you need to zoom in, higher resolution less noise.

Night vision

Of course, a security camera system must be able to monitor full 24 hours a day either with high light condition at day time or a dark night with low light condition. Like most security cameras equipped with IR LEDs, Vava is equipped with 2 infrared LEDs that can illuminate up to 23ft (7m) and gives you black and white night vision. What about the other two competing products?

Both Arlo Pto 3 and Eufy eufycam 2 Pro offers color night vision with spotlight in addition of B/W night vision with IR LEDs. Isn’t it great that with color night vision you can see the real color of someone who is entering your property, the color of the skin and clothes he/she is wearing, even the color of the vehicle used or the possibility of seeing the license plate of the vehicle more clearly with a 2k camera resolution.

See also new Swann enforcer 8 channel color night vision vs Lorex OR new Reolink Lumus with color night vision.

Power Supply

The three camera products are supplied by rechargeable batteries in addition to the DC adapter option. Battery capacity cannot be a benchmark that the same capacity can provide the same durability if supplied to different cameras, of course many factors including how often performing live view, snapshot motion detection etc.


  • Wire-free full HD 1080p wireless security camera system with base station
  • Wide 110 degree horizontal view angle
  • 2pcs IR LEDs range up to 23ft (7m) for enhanced night vision  
  • Comes with built-in 8GB micro SD Card on base station, maximum capacity 128GB
  • Amazon cloud storage plan is available with bank-level data encryption
  • PIR motion detection sensor, human detection with alerts and you can manually enable alarm
  • Macnetic based for easy stick to metal surface
  • IP66 weatherproof casing


  • Doesn’t provide color night vision like Arlo Pro 3 and EufyCam Pro
  • No siren, but alarms

This package consists of base station with two wire-free EufyCam Pro cameras and is tagged with the price around $243.00 in Amazon. Prices are always fluctuating by time, click the link below to see current price and SHOP in Amazon.

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Wit double price you may consider Lorex vs Reolink 16 channel security camera with 8pcs of 4k security cameras, 4x as high resolution as full HD 1080p cameras.

Vava vs Arlo vs Eufy Comparison tables

To help you understand the spec comparison among the three products, table 1 shows you spec comparison between Vava Cam Pro and Arlo Pro 3, while table 2 shows you spec comparison between Vava and Eufy.

I purposely compared vava pro with Arlo Pro 3; I should compare vava with Arlo Pro 2 which is also the same 1080p resolution, probably the price is nearly the same. However, as a comparison if the camera resolution is twice as high as Vava. The other option is Eufy cam which is also 2k resolution.

Table 1. Vava Cam Pro vs Arlo

ModelVava Cam Pro VA-HS003Arlo Pro 3
Camera Resolution1080p2k (4MP) with HDR
View angle110 degree160- degree diagonal with 12x digital zoom
Night view2x 850nm IR LEDs Range up to 23ft (7m)High powered IR LEDs with IR Cut filter  Color night vision with spotlight
SpotlightN/AYes, 1x LED 6500K, 42Lux @1M Auto triggered by motion detection or triggered manually
SirenN/AYes, trigger manually remotely or automatic by event
AudioTwo way with built-in Microphone and 1.5W speakerTwo way with built-in Microphone and speaker
Power  5,000mAh Polymer battery Adapter 5V / 2A (USB output)Rechargeable battery (3~6 months life) AC Adapter Output: 5V 2A
Event alertPIR detection 110 degree range up to 23ft (7m)Motion detection with auto tracking and zoom
Internet2.4GHz wifi Effective range 200m2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n to base station
IP ratedIP66 weatherproofIP67 weatherproof
StorageFree 8GB micro SD card up to 128GB on base station Amazon Cloud storage plan, NAS3 months of Arlo smart service with rolling 30 day cloud recordings Add USB HDD to hub station’s USB
Price (Aug 2020 in Amazon)$242.99 (kit + 2Cams)$399.99 (hub station with 2pcs cams)

Table 2 Vava vs Eufy

ModelVava Cam Pro VA-HS003Eufy eufycam 2c Pro
Camera Resolution1080p2K
View angle110 degree135 degree
Night view2x 850nm IR LEDs Range up to 23ft (7m)Color night vision with spotlight B/W night vision with IR LEDs
AudioTwo way with built-in Microphone and 1.5W speakerTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
Power 5,000mAh Polymer battery Adapter 5V / 2A6700mAh  rechargeable battery
Event alertPIR detection 110 degree range up to 23ft (7m)Human detection
Internet2.4GHz wifi Effective range 200mWifi 2.4GHz band
IP ratedIP66 weatherproofIP67
StorageFree 8GB micro SD card up to 128GB on base station Amazon Cloud storage plan, NASBuilt-in 16GB EMMC on base station
Price (Aug 2020 in Amazon)$242.99 (kit + 2Cams)$319.99

The most expensive product is Arlo pro 3 which is tagged around $400.00 in Amazon. EufyCam Pro is cheaper, the same 2k resolution, color night vision with spotlight and local storage on base station. If no color night vision is appropriate for your home security need, Vava is the best wire-free security camera system for homes.

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