Vimtag B-1 Vs Amcrest Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Vimtag offers new Vimtag B-1 weatherproof wireless outdoor security cameras with preinstalled 32 GB SD Card you can easily view video remotely from your Android or iOS mobile devices.

Vimtag B-1

Vimtag is passionate to be the leader in remote smart solutions with its popular products including popular Vimtag 361, and the newer product is Vimtag P1 Premium. The new product that it introduces is the wireless outdoor camera Vimtag B-1.

What this product does

Vimtag B-1 is designed for outdoor placement with weatherproof solid housing, even though you can use it indoor. However, for indoor you may consider the indoor version Vimtag P1 Premium, or any other indoor camera such as Arlo Q Plus or Amcrest or Foscam R2.

Wifi and wired

B-1 is designed with built-in wifi adapter to allow you easily install the camera outdoor without running video data camera CAT5e network cable. You still need to provide power outlet near where you place the camera outdoor. Assure that the power outlet is away from any potential short circuit problem such as water. Vimtag is not like those wire-free camera such as original Arlo wireless outdoor camera which is powered by dry battery.

In addition of wireless connection, you may also connect the camera using CAT5e network cable to your local internet network direct to  the router or via the Ethernet switch. It is not designed to support POE that allows you to sun a single network cable for providing both data and network cable such as those Lorex and Amcrest 2K outdoor POE camera or Sunba and GW Security auto tracking camera.

Night vision

Vimtag B-1 camera supports night vision with the included 12 IR LEDs illuminating the distance up to 60 ft. when the day time shifts to dark condition, the camera records the footage in black in white video. Lorex offers new lines of camera with color night vision such as Lorex bullet model LNB4321. In ambient light the camera records the video in color night vision, however in completely darkness the camera records in black and white.

Remote viewing

This is what Vimtag would like to be a specialized in, leader in smart remote solution. You can view the camera remotely easily with QR Code scan feature via Android or iOS mobile devices with the including Vimtag apps.

Vimtag B-1 wireless outdoor camera

Main features

  • Resolution of up to 1MP 1280×720 pixels @25fps
  • 264 compression
  • Field of view 55 degree
  • Support night vision with 12IR LEDs, distance up to 60 ft
  • Wired RJ45 and 802.11b/g/n wifi connection
  • Preinstalled 32GB SD Card
  • Weatherproof feature
  • Remote viewing with QR Code scan feature

The Vimtag B-1 is the first wireless outdoor camera introduced by Vimtag with remote viewing capability.

Vimtag Vs Amcrest

Various models of wireless outdoor camera available in the market today including Lorex and Amcrest wireless outdoor camera, or Foscam FI9900P wifi camera. let me take one of them for comparison with this product. Table 1 shows you spec comparison between Vimtag B-1 and Amcrest ProHD IP3M-943.

Amcrest IP3M-943 wireless outdoor camera
Amcrest IP3M-943 wireless outdoor camera


Both camera are built with fixed 3.6mm lens but with different resolution. Vimtag B-1 is designed with CMOS sensor resolution up to 720p @25 fps, it is lower resolution than Amcrest IP3M provides up to 1080p @25/30 fps.

Night vision

Both wireless outdoor cameras support night vision, black and white night vision not color night vision like those products offered by Lorex as discussed earlier above. Illumination distance is different, Amcrest offers longer night vision distance than Vimtag. Amcrest offers wider degree Field of view up to 100degree viewing angle as opposed to only 55 degree viewing angle. Both camera off course not as wide as those front car cameras which typically offer wide viewing angle up to 170 degree such as Powerlead and Auto-Vox front car cameras or Rexing X80 dash cam.


Not many IP cameras come with internal memory slot to allow you add SD Card for local footage storage you can playback later when necessary. Both Vimtag B-1 and Amcrest ProHD come with internal storage. Amcrest offers you free cloud storage for 4 hours loop recording, other cloud storage plans are also available you can upgrade. On the other hand, Vimtag B-1 doesn’t offer you cloud storage but you can connect the camera to its companion Vimtag S1 storage cloud-Box.

Both camera allow you access remotely via your Android or iOS mobile devices with the included free apps.

Have a look at the following spec comparison table to help you decide which one is suitable to meet your need in home.

Table 1 Vimtag B-1 vs Amcrest ProHD IP3M-943

 Vimtag B-1Amcrest ProHD IP3M-943
Lens¼” color CMOS sensor 3.6 mm1/3” Sony IMX322 CMOS 3.6mm
Resolution1MP / 1280 x 720 pixels (720p) @25 fps3MP / Max 20fps@3M (2304×1296) & 25/30fps @ 1080P (1920×1080)
CompressionH.264H.264 & MJPEG
Night vision12 IR LEDs distance up to 20 meter (60 ft)IR LEDs distance up to 30 meter (98 ft)
Viewing angle55 degree100 degree
Ethernet Port10/100Mbps RJ-4510/100Mbps RJ-45
WifiWireless 802.11b/g/n with built-in 3dBi antenna with WPS featureWireless 802.11b/g/n with built-in 3dBi antenna with WPS feature
Internal storageYes, preinstalled 32 GB SD CardMicro SD card slot, up to 64GB


Cloud Recording and Playback with Free Live Viewing and 4 Hours of Free Storage via Amcrest Cloud,

WeatherproofYesYes, IP67
Remote viewingYes – QR Code scanning, Android and iOSYes – QR Code scanning, Android and iOS Amcrest view apps

Instead of Outdoor model Vimtag offers you Vimtag P1 premium model. And you may also consider new Amcrest IP4m-1026 wireles outdoor camera.


Vimtag B-1 is easy to install plug and play IP camera, one of affordable wireless outdoor cameras with HD 720p resolution. For higher resolution of 1080p you may consider Amcrest ProHD IP3M-943 with slightly different price tagged.

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