visionera 3000 thermal camera

Visionera 3000 Body Temperature Camera

Visionera 3000 is one of best value thermal body temperature camera to support your business continuity in new normal amid pandemic.

One of the ways to avoid misperceptions in screening people entering your business building facilities amid pandemic is to detect body temperature while displaying their face on the screen with their current detected body temperature. And not only temperature detection, when someone is detected to have body temperature above normal there must be such kind of alarm or alert issued so that the relevant officials can take the necessary action. Or such kind of door entrance is locked in case of someone with elevated body temperature is detected.

Visionera 3000 thermal body camera
Visionera 3000 thermal body camera w/ face recognation

Visionera 3000

Visionera 3000 is an intelligent terminal to detect current human body temperature with face recognition. All processes are carried out at a safe distance, non contact process to avoid cross-infection and in accordance with health protocols enforced by local authorities amid pandemic.

You may also like to consider dual lens thermal body temperature cameras offered by Dahua and Hikvision – see this Dahua vs Hikvision thermal body temperature cameras.

AI thermal camera

This product is one of AI thermal body temperature camera with face recognition with capability of storing up to 10,000 faces record database, and fast face recognition comparison process between the current detected face and the database records. The need for a 10,000 database in your business is more than standard business need for a queue process to enter your business facilities.

Integrate with door access control

This is very good in entering corporate facility that requires only authorized employees who gain access, and in this pandemic era it is also required that the employee is in good health in the sense of normal body temperature, or not experiencing fever with high body temperature above normal .

This is possible that Visionera 3000 is equipped with built-in IC card reading module such as MifareS50; MifareS70; FM11RF08 series, and relay output for door opening signal output.

The following video’s product introduction will help you understand briefly what this product is all about (courtesy by

We’ll compare later this product Visionera 3000 with the competing – cheaper product offered by Vikylin. The list below highlights of Visionera 3000 to help you understand this product.


  • An intelligent Android-based AI thermal imaging machine with face recognition and temperature measurement
  • The detected body temperature from each individual being screened is shown written on the screen so that there is no misperception
  • Built-in thermal imaging temperature measurement sensor module with ± 0.3 ℃ accuracy
  • Up to 100ms Fast process for human body temperature measurement with ± 0.3 ℃ accuracy
  • All thermal screening process is non-contact, accurate, reliable, efficient and perception-free
  • The detected individual with current body temperature exceeds certain preset threshold, a signal alerts is issued with voice warning
  • Mask identification alert when someone is detected not wearing face mask
  • Face comparison with face database, can record up to 10,000 face database  
  • Can be integrated with automatic entrance system, ideal for main entrance of office building, hotels, schools, hospitals etc
  • Comes with 8.0″ IPS LCD screen with 800×1280 resolution
  • Powered by 1.8Ghz quad core processor with 2GB RAM and local emmc 8GB memory
  • Comes with stand and optional tripod

 Including the tripod and other included accessories this Visionera 3000 is tagged around $2.499.99 in Amazon. Are there any similar product that is comparable with this one?

Visionera 3000 vs Vikylin AI Thermal Camera

Another model you may consider from other vendor with more economical model is Vikylin K2000 AI thermal camera. When you compare the price between these two models you can find that Visionera 3000 is tagged with the price more than twice as much as Vikylin K2000. How come the price is much difference? Let’s see the following spec comparison table Visionera vs Vikylin below.

Vikylin K2000 thermal body temperature camera
Vikylin K2000 thermal body temperature camera w/ face recognation


As general the technical spec between the two optical camera modules are nearly the same, the same resolution 2MP image sensor, the same 8.0inch display screen with the same 800×1280 resolutions, etc.

Visionera places the thermal camera at the top of the binocular camera, on top of the screen because it uses face temperature measurement. On the other hand Vikylin places the thermal sensor on the right side of the screen because Vikylin K2000 uses wrist temperature measurement method.

In terms of the possibility of experiencing a body contact with the thermal sensor, Vikylin has a greater risk of potential contact with the wrist than Visionera 3000 that uses temperature measurement on the face.

Database capacity

The capacity of 10,000 records of face database is more than enough for most businesses. See that Visionera 3000 has database capacity up to 10,000 faces; on the other hand Vikylin offers 10x as more face records as Visionera and the good thing is that it comes with 16GB built-in memory storage to support up to 22,000 faces records.

Interface ports

Vikylin K2000 comes with one USB port to allow you connect to such kind of external ID scanner and one alarm output you can connect to any alarm system and Wiegand port. What about Visionera?

Visionera 3000 supports lots of accessories including network module (Ethernet of wifi); 2 USB ports; RS232 serial communication; relay output for door opening system; and wiegand interfaces. It also support accessories of ID card reader of type-a /B M1 card reading, second to third generation of ID card reader, etc.  

Now, take a look at the following spec and features comparison between the two product – Visionera 3000 vs Vikylin thermal body temperature camera systems.

Table 1 Visionera 3000 vs Vikylin K2000

ModelVisionera 3000Vikylin K2000
Thermal SensorFace temperature measurementWrist hand temperature measurement  
Processor &RAM1.8GHz RK3288 quad core processor with 2GB RAM and 8GB local memoryProcessor unknown, with Built-in 16GB storage, supports max. 22,400 faces records
Display8.0 inch IPS LCD 800x 1280 resolution8.0 inch 800×1280 resolution with 16:9
Camera lens2MP2MP, 80db WDR
Temperature measurement distance10~150cm non-contact face distanceNon-touch wrist temperature measurement 1-5cm
Temperature accuracy± 0.3 ℃± 0.3 ℃
Temperature range unspecified 23~46 3 ℃
Face database capacity20,000100,000
Face recognition speedUnspecified<500ms
Integrated relay output1x can be used for Door opening relay output1x alarm output
USB port1x USB OTG, 1x USBHOST standard port A1x USB – can be used to connect to ID identifier
ID card reading moduleYes,N/A

For easy to use and manage you can consider Visionera 3000 thermal body temperature camera system with complete support of accessories to integrate including door opening system and ID card reader. Click below to SHOP in Amazon (#CommissionsEarned).

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