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Voger MF820 Floodlight Camera vs Amcrest Ash26

Voger offers Voger mf820 Floodlight security camera with color night vision and is tagged with affordable price compared with other well known products such as Amcrest ash26 or Lorex V261lcd.

Voger MF820 Floodlight Cam

One of the needs of a security camera that is intended to prevent criminal acts when the intruders enter your property is to surprise the intruders with bright lights and loud voice. For this reason, Voger offers an active deterrent security camera which is equipped with built-in siren and floodlights.


Like other floodlight security cameras on the market from major vendors including Amcrest; Lorex and others, Voger complements this security camera product with a pair of floodlights up to 2,500 lumens that you can adjust the view point position by rotating horizontal or vertical rotation from their axis to meet the expected direction of the floodlight.

Voger mf820 floodlight camera
Voger mf820 floodlight camera

You can compare with Amcrest ASH26 which also comes with floodlights with 2,000 lumens and 3000 Kelvin color temperature, around 500 lumens less bright than Voger. Voger doesn’t specify what the color temperature for the floodlights is, doesn’t matter it’s about the light level equivalent to florescent light (3000 ~ 4000 Kelvin).  See also new release of Foscam f41 floodlight vs Amcrest.

PIR Sensor

PIR sensor is a passive infrared electronic sensor to detect object movement within its field of view and at the same time trigger the floodlights to turn on and if the security camera is also equipped with the siren, this siren will also be triggered. Typically the siren is triggered manually by the user via the mobile device with the installed app.

Voger comes with PIR sensor with 120 degree field of view angle and built-in siren you can trigger manually via the mobile app. Amcrest ash26 is also equipped with PIR sensor and 270 degree diagonal view angle up to 33 ft distance.

Voger mf820 floodlight security camera is ideal for outdoor usage, it is IP65 rated weatherproof and is bright floodlights is ideal to illuminate your property at night when you manually set the floodlights to always turn on.  


  • Full HD 1080p resolution floodlight camera for outdoor usage
  • Comes with a pair of Floodlights with 2,500 lumen brightness with panning and vertical rotation adjustment
  • Comes with 120 degree PIR sensor and 12 IR LEDs for B/W night vision
  • Motion detection trigger the floodlights to turn on and provide color night vision and 10s video clips alert is sent to mobile device  
  • Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
  • Local memory storage with SD Card up to 128GB
  • IP65 weatherproof

Voger floodlight security camera is tagged with affordable price under $100 in some online stores including in Amazon. You can compare with Amcrest ash26 which the price is around $160.00. Yo may also like Victure floodlight camera with almost the same spec and price is a bit more expensive ($110).

Voger floodlights cam vs Amcrest

Before buying, it’s a good idea to read some testimonials from those who have used this camera previously. However, technically table 1 below will help you understand the differences between the two products better.

Amcrest ASH26 Floodlight Cam
Amcrest ASH26 Floodlight Cam

Unfortunately, since Voger doesn’t provide detailed specifications like Amcrest does, the following table shows you spec comparison between the two products with lack of details specs offered by Voger.

Bright Floodlights

Voger offers 25% floodlights brighter than Amcrest, not sure how many white LEDs are built into the floodlights. Amcrest floodlights are arranged in two arrays of 48pcs white LEDs symmetrically in groups of 4 LEDs, six groups in each floodlight producing 3000K of color temperature equivalent with sunrise / sunset which is around 2,000 ~ 3000 Kelvin.

Typically when the floodlights are triggered by motion detection, the B/W night vision is shift to color night vision for certain seconds and then back out to B/W night vision. Both Voger and Amcrest floodlights are triggered ON automatically or you may manually turn the floodlights ON all the time by the app.    

Other specs are almost the same, including recording resolution, built-in 110dB siren, IP65 outdoor usage, and wifi connection.  

Table 1 Voger floodlights vs Amcrest ash26

ModelVoger MF820 Floodlight camAmcrest ash26
Recording resolution1080pFull HD 1080p @30 fps
Field of view angleUnspecified114 degree horizontal view angle / 137 degree diagonal
ZoomN/A16x digital zoom
FloodlightsTwo floodlights 2,500 lumen, no details color temperature48pcs of white LEDs array of floodlights up to 2,000 lumens with 3000K color temperature
SirenBuilt-in 110 dB siren, trigger manually or auto triggered by motion detectionBuilt-in 110 dB siren, triggered by motion detection or manually via the app  
Night vision12x IR LEDs for B/W night vision, no IR range detail. Color night vision with floodlights triggered ONColor night vision with floodlights ON B/W with 1x IR LEDs up to 33ft (10m)
AudioTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphoneSame duplex audio, two way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
Memory storageUp to 128GB micro SD CardUp to 256GB or connect to optional Amcrest cloud storage
ConnectivityWifi @2.4GHz band802.11b/g/n with dual band 2×2 antennas range up to 328ft (100m) open field
HousingIP65 weatherproofIP65 weatherproof
PowerAC pug inAC100-240V

With Voger floodlight you can save up to $60 with brighter floodlights. With Amcrest you can install up to 256GB memory storage for longer storage capacity, twice the memory capacity Voger can store. Click the link below to shop the products in Amazon (#ads).

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