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Vtech Vm5463-2 Video Baby Monitro vs Infant Optic

Vtech technology offers new Vtech vm5463-2 baby video monitor that comes with 2pcs camera and 5” monitor.

What this product does

If you currently have a baby under your supervision at home, of course there is no need to bother having to always be close to your baby so that you cannot do anything except be in a room with the baby because you are worried if it is not supervised. No worries, Vtech offers new baby video camera kit that allows you to always be with the baby in all your activities at home.

Vtech vm5463-2 baby video monitor
Vtech vm5463-2 baby video monitor

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2pcs Camera

This baby camera kit consists of two units of video baby camera and one parent unit in the form of 5.0 inch high-resolution monitor that you can take with you wherever you do activities around the house up to 1,000ft away, quite large coverage in your big house up to the yard. Compare with Infant Optic that comes with only 3.5” screen.

If one unit is enough for the baby, then use another unit for monitoring another room, great if you have a pet in your house. With the same or cheaper price compared with Infant Optic dxr-8 you only have one camera.

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Like most baby video cameras in general, the Vtech vm5463 features panning up to 270 degrees side to side, tilting vertically up to 25 degrees up and down and also zooming 2x digitally which you can control via your parent unit or monitor. Digital zooming is done by software processed after the footage has been recorded; however optical zoom is done by optic during the shooting.    

Infant Optic also features similar panning horizontally up to 330 degree side by side, wider than Vtech. And it also capable of tilting vertically up to 100 degree up and down, and the addition of 4x digital zoom. However, Infant optic dxr-8 comes with interchangeable optic zoom lens and wide angle lens as optional lens you need to purchase separately.

Glow on the ceiling

What a unique thing with this baby video camera is the completeness of a kind rays projection on the ceiling with colorful star rays that can attract the attention of the baby to stop crying and eventually fall asleep. In addition, the baby unit features an auto-light on with three colors and is enabled when the camera detects baby noise such as crying. This feature will help soothe the baby to feel calm and feel back a sleep. On the other hand, Infant Optic dxr-8 doesn’t feature such of this lighting.

have a watch of the following product’s video introduction (courtesy of Vtech)

Vtech Vm5463-2 baby video monitor kit that consists of two baby unit and 5” monitor is appropriate to keep in touch with your lovely baby.


  • High resolution two baby video camera units and the parent 5” monitor screen  
  • Panning up to 270 degree horizontally, tilting 25 degree vertically and 2x digital zooming capabilities you can control remotely with your monitor
  • Colorful starry lights projection on the ceiling for soothing the baby to back asleep
  • Auto-on 3 colors light on baby unit triggered when it detect the baby noise, this to help the baby soothe and back asleep
  • Five melodies of calming soothing sounds and lullabies
  • Day and night support. With low light at night the camera switches to black and white night vision with IR LEDs
  • Two way communication with built-in intercom on the monitor
  • With two cameras you can split the screen to view at the same screen

With two units of baby units video monitor and large 5” screen, this Vtech Vm5463-2 baby video monitor is appropriate with affordable price compared with Infant Optic dxr-8.

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