Vtech Vs Infant Optics Best Baby Video Monitor

DXR-8 and DXR-5 are two models of baby video monitor products introduced by Infant Optics. Both products are very popular so far, and meanwhile Vtech offers similar product – VM321 baby video monitor that was released to the market and competing with other similar products including DXR series.

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Best baby video monitor

There are heaps of baby video monitor products available in the market today from tens of video camera vendors including Infant Optics, Vtech, DBPower and still more. It’s quite confusing which one is to purchase to keep an eye not to miss things about your lovely baby while you’re away. What things you need to know which one is suitable to meet your need.

Actually you may choose any indoor home PTZ camera such as Amcrest 841 and Vimtag 361 that allow you remotely view anywhere via internet, the IP camera indoor which connects to your existing home internet network. Should you have large homes, you better implement home security system with four or eight cameras such as Amcrest and Arlo wireless security camera system.

Some of important features you need to consider in deciding which baby video monitor to purchase including the following features.

Important features

  • High quality lens
  • Wifi connection and range
  • Expandable to some cameras
  • Audio video transmission
  • Camera angle
  • Soothing lullabies
  • Temperature sensor
  • PTZ control
  • includes monitor

These are some of important features, doesn’t necessarily that the camera has full features of the above listing features to be the best for your need.

I’m not discussing each of features, but comparing Vtech video baby monitor (VM321) and Infant Optics baby monitor products (DXR-8 and DXR-5). See also top 10 baby video monitors.

Vtech baby video monitor
Vtech VM321 baby video monitor

Vtech Vs Infant Optics

Vtech offers various models of baby video monitor including the most popular ones in some online retail shops such as Vtech VM321 and VM333. And the other competing products are offered by Infant Optics with two popular products DXR-8 and DXR-5.

DXR-5 Vs DXR-8

There are few main differences between DXR-8 and DXR-5, firstly the camera unit. DXR-8 comes with interchangeable lenses, but DXR-5 doesn’t. Secondly the parent unit, the screen size, DXR-8 comes with 3.5” with resolution of 640×480 pixels while DXR-5 comes with only 2.4” TFT screen with 320×240 pixels. Still some feature differences you can find, however I will focus comparison between Vtech VM321 Vs Infant Optics DXR-8 to help you consider which one is best baby video monitor to suit your need.

Infant Optics baby monitor
Infant Optics baby monitor DXR-8

Vtech VM321 Vs Infant Optics DXR-8

Vtech video baby monitor offers various models, there are only two models of Infant Optics baby monitor as discussed above. DXR-8 offers some advantages feature over DXR-5, now let’s focus on comparison between VM321 and DXR-8. The following table helps you to understand some feature differences (if any) between the two products.

Baby unit

Baby unit is what we say a camera unit with lens and it’s features.

Camera lens

Infant Optics with DXR-8 offers you three interchangeable lenses including normal, wide angle and zoom lenses with night views capability. But VM321 and DBPower (end of article is option to consider) offer you a single lens unit with adjustable camera angle to fit your angle of view. When the baby is still under 1 year you can either use normal or zoom lens. And when the kid is getting ready to grow up something like 2 or 3 years old, you may replace the lens with normal to wide angle lens so you can monitor larger area to cover since the baby is crawling and probably zombie walking and getting more mobile. Change to wide angle lens to cover wide area of view.

Both products are capable of viewing in the dark – the night view feature with IR LEDS.

PTZ control

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) is capability of the camera to panning horizontally, tilting vertically and zooming either digital or optical zoom. None of the best baby video monitor comes with optical zoom, it’s a high grade feature in business class outdoor PTZ HD cameras.

VM321 cannot perform PT task but it can perform digital zoom controllable from the parent unit. You can only adjust the camera manually to get the best view. This camera is ideal for baby under one or two years old which stay in bed.

On the other hand, with Infant Optics baby monitor (DXR-8) you can change the lens as needed in line with the time when the baby is growing. You can use the normal or zoom lens when the baby is still under one or two years old. When the baby is growing bigger and beginning to crawl you can change the lens to wide angle lens to cover wide area. The camera can also be controlled remotely from the parent unit for the PTZ tasks.

DBPower baby monitor features the same Panning and tilting and even panning up to 270 degree horizontally as opposed with only 170 degree offered by DXR-8.


The screen monitor as the parent unit is better with larger size and more pixel resolution. The larger size the screen is the more convenience you view the kids remotely. Two way audio intercom is very important to let you interact with the baby remotely.

The following comparison table you can read more features either similar or different features.

Table 1 Vtech VM321 Vs Infant Optics DXR-8

 ModelVtech VM321Infant Optics DXR-8
Camera / Baby unitAdjustable camera angleinterchangeable lens technology. Three separate lens types – Normal, Wide Angle (sold separately), and Zoom

resolution 640 x 480 pixels

Night ViewYes, 8 IR LEDsYes, 8 IR LEDs plus 1 low light sensor
PTZ controlDigital zoom control from parent unitYes, Vertical Turning Angle:95 degree UP, 25 degree DOWN

Horizontal Turning Angle:135 degree both left and right

Camera angleAdjustable camera angleInterchangeable lens for different angle of view
Monitor / parent unit2.8” LCD color screen can be split up to four views3.5″ LCD color display selectable up to 4 channel view
Wifi and range2.4GHz band range up to 1,000 ft2.4GHz FHSS range up to 700 ft
AudioYes – two way talk baby intercom – 6 level sound indicatorYes – two way talk baby intercom
Camera expandableUp to 4 baby unitsUp to 4 baby units
Lullabies5 different melodies from the cameraNo
Temperature indicatorYes on parent unitYes on parent unit

For more manufacturer’s description and spec details click the following link for each of the products.

DbPower CM5341

Another option you may also need to consider is the baby monitor offered by DbPower – CM5341 PTZ baby monitor. If you compare with Vtech and Infant Optic DXR-8 at a glance there is not much different. CM5341 equips the monitor to allow you split the screen up to 4 cameras, 4 rooms monitoring the same as DXR-8 does.

DbPower CM5341 baby video monitor
DbPower CM5341 baby video monitor

With DXR-8 you have three types of interchangeable lens, normal lens, wide angle (optional) or zoom lens but DBPower is a fix lens no changeable lens. see more detail in the following feature comparison table.

Table 2 DBPower vs Infant Optic

ModelInfant Optic DXR-8DBPower CM534
Camera / baby unitinterchangeable three lens types – Normal, Wide Angle (sold separately), and ZoomPTZ baby video camera
Monitor3.5 inch color monitor with  320 x 240 pixels resolution4.3 inch color LCD monitor with 640x 480 pixels resolution
Night visionYes, 8 IR LEDs plus 1 low light sensorYes, automatic light sensor to shift night vision with range up to 15 ft of darkness
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Mic and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Mic and speaker
PTZ controlpanning horizontal ~ 135 degree, tilting 95 degree up and 25 degree downpanning horizontal ~ 270 degree, tilting 110 degree
StorageN/AUp to 32GB micro SD card for footage video recording
Crying detectionN/A, just audioSound-Activated LED lights, allows you to see how much noise your baby is making in case he/she is crying.

Click here to learn more detail DBPower baby video monitor


VM321 Vtech baby video monitor is good for kids under one or two years old, you can choose Infant Optic baby monitor (DXR-8) with interchangeable lens for baby under one year old up to older kids by changing the suitable lenses. You may also consider DBPower with lower price however it doesn’t feature interchangeable lens.

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