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Best Value Wyze Cam v3 vs Kasa Cam Outdoor

Wyze cam v3 is the most popular outdoor security camera offered by Wyze. Even though today you find the newer version of wyze cam v3 pro, the customer’s mind is still with wyze cam v3.

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Wyze Cam v3 Outdoor

Wyze cam has been gaining customer’s attentiveness knowing that the product is tagged with affordable price without sacrificing quality and performance. You can find few spec and features enhancements from the previous wyze cam v2 to the newer v3 that makes v3 is more popular than the previous ones.

Wyze cam v3 vs v2

Physically both wyze cam v2 and v3 is almost the same, with its old fashion square body. However, v3 is build with better housing protection with its IP65 rated.

Better image sensor and lens

Wyze cam v3 is more vivid and bright as opposed to the previous v2 as the result of using the Sony starlight image sensor and wide aperture (f/1.6) which is capable of rendering color night vision in low light condition. Starlight image sensor doubles the light captured to the camera sensor while the wide aperture (f/1.6) allows more lights to get through the sensor faster. So with your wyze cam v3 the camera render color night vision in ambient light before finally switch to black and white night vision when it is completely dark using IR LEDs.

Wyze cam outdoor v3
Wyze cam outdoor v3

Other features are almost the same including two way audio, local memory storage, single 2.4GHz band wifi connectivity as well as supports alexa and Google assistant.   

Table 1. Wyze cam v3 vs v2

Wyze versionWyze Cam Outdoor V3Wyze Cam Outdoor V2
Image sensorCMOS Starlight image sensor 2MP½.9 inch 2MP CMOS image sensor 
LensGlass lens with f/1.6 with 130 degree view angle2.8 mm focal lens; f/2.0 with 110 view angle
Night visionColor with starlight night vision, B/W night vision with 4x 940nm, 4x 850nm IR LEDs4x IR LEDs 850nm range up to 30ft (10m)
SirenBuilt-in mini sirenN/A
StorageAvailable micro SD card slot up to 32GB with overwrite Local 32GB micro SD Card with overwrite; Free 14-day AWS cloud storage
OutdoorYes, IP65 weatherproofNo

Wyze cam v3 Pro

Wyze cam outdoor v3 is popular and getting excellent customer rating in few online stores such as Amazon knowing that the price tagged is under $50 while the performance is good. And today Wyze released the pro version of this cam v3 series. From my point of view Wyse is not happy with the cam v3 that only demonstrates up to 1080p video resolution while its competing product like tplink kasa comes with double resolution. It is therefore the new Wyze cam v3 pro is released with double resolution than cam v3. 

Please Note that Wyze released its new floodlight camera – the Wyze Floodlight camera Pro with three floodlights and double lens.

Wyze cam v3 outdoor Pro
Wyze cam v3 outdoor Pro

What is the difference between wyze cam v3 and cam v3 pro?

Physically you can see at a glance that wyze cam v3 pro comes with two spotlights to illuminate the surrounding to render color night vision brighter in addition of ambient light. You can control the brightness direct from your mobile device with the app.

Table 2 below represents spec comparison between wyze cam v3 and wyze cam v3 pro version. See that physically the dimension is the same; however cam v3 pro is slightly heavier.

Higher resolution

The video resolution on wyze cam v3 pro is double resolution as high as previous cam v3 which is only 1080p. This is a better enhancement spec for much better image detail and sharper result. Moreover, with the addition of spotlights and retaining the use of Starlight image sensor definitely perform better in low light condition and demonstrate more vivid color night vision.  

Smart AI feature

In the previous wyze cam outdoor v3 version, you need to subscribe cam plus service to allow the camera to detect human and vehicle, smarter motion detection instead of standard one that prone to false positive alerts. In the v3 pro, the AI-based smart human and vehicle detection features is built-in in the camera app without subscribing cam plus plan.  

However, with cam plus plan you can unlock all camera features including unlimited cloud storage, record full-length videos, and more smart detection features.   

 Table 2 Wyze cam v3 vs pro

Wyze versionWyze Cam v3Wyze Cam v3 Pro
Image sensorCMOS Starlight image sensorStarlight CMOS (2560 x 1440) image sensor
Resolution1080p full HD @20 fps2560×1440 (2K) Daytime – 20 fps; Nighttime – 15 fps
Glass lens 2.8mm f/1.6YesYes
Field of view angle130 degree116 degree
8x digital ZoomYesYes
Night visionColor with starlight night vision, B/W night vision with 4x 940nm, 4x 850nm IR LEDs4 IR LEDS(850nm), color night vision with spotlights
SpotlightsN/A2 Spotlight (5000K, 80 lumen), motion-activated , brightness adjustment manually from the app
SirenBuilt-in mini siren89dBi Integrated siren, manual trigger
Two way audio with built-in speaker and microphoneYesYes
StorageAvailable micro SD card slot up to 32GB with overwrite Supports up to 32GB in FAT32 format. Supports up to 256 GB microSD in exFAT format.
Wifi connectivitySingle band 802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz802.11 b/g/n, 2T2R 2.4 GHz
Works withAlexa; Google Assistant;Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
Smart featuresMotion or sound detection with video clip alerts to mobile device With customize detection zone and sound sensitivity settings, Smoke and CO alerts8 TOPS neural network accelerator for near-instant person detections AI-based motion detection right from the camera.  
OutdoorYes, IP65 weatherproofIP65
ProcessorUnknown1.2GHz dual core with 8 TOPS (trillion operations per second)
Dimension2.1 in x 2.0 in x 2.3 in / (52 mm x 51 mm x 58.5 mm)2.05 in x 2.05 in x 2.3 in (52 mm x 52 mm x 58.5 mm)
Weight<98.8g4.23 oz (120 g)

Wyze cam outdoor v3 pro is still requiring more enhancement firmware to perform in its best. Let’s take one of newer model outdoor camera introduced by TP-Link with its kasa outdoor camera series and compare it with Wyze cam v3. 

Wyse Cam V3 vs Kasa Cam Outdoor

One of most popular security camera outdoor offered by tplink kasa is Kasa kc420ws, one of kasa outdoor camera series which was just newly launched to the market last Q4 of 2022. And to date, this kasa outdoor is getting more popular with excellent customer rating.

If you compare this kasa cam outdoor with wyze cam v3 pro, both camera perform the same 2k video resolution, but wyze cam v3 only half (1080p). If the coverage of your property is not spacious, 1080p resolution is appropriate. However, if you need to cover wider area, double resolution is much better to provide more image details.

Kasa Cam Outdoor KC420
Kasa Cam Outdoor KC420

Wyse delivers frame rate (20fps) a bit faster than Kasa (@15fps). The real time frame rate is @30 fps, the frame rate mostly webcams for video conferences are designed with at least @30 fps for real time smooth video streaming such as most webcams for zoom and webcams for businesses. Video with faster frame rates is better. 

Night vision

Security cameras are mostly equipped with IR LED to provide black / white night vision, so are Wyse and Kasa. Typically outdoor cameras with color night vision come with spotlight or you can add ambient light surrounding to render the camera to record in color night vision.

The good thing is that both cameras are built in with Starlight image sensor to perform much better in low light condition. And when the surrounding is completely darkness, the camera switches to use IR LED for black and white night vision, both wyze cam and kasa cam outdoor are equipped with IR LEDs for night vision.

Wyze cam v3 comes with optional floodlight, not as bright as Arlo or Ring floodlight cameras but can illuminate surrounding with enough lights to render color night vision. The Wyze cam v3 pro is designed with spotlights like kasa outdoor kc420, no need of optional spotlight. Wyze also offers new model of wyze cam floodlight camera.  See also wyze cam floodlight cam vs blink.


All video clips that are sent to your mobile device when motion is detected as alerts, are stored in memory storage either on the local SD memory card inserted in the camera or on cloud storage when you subscribe wyze cam plus or kasa cloud storage. With the installation of local microSD card memory you don’t need to subscribe cloud storage. However, the cloud storage is typically in a package of the service plan to unlock all the hidden features of the camera.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table for wyze cam v3 vs kasa cam outdoor, both are tagged with affordable price not to break your bank.   

Table 2 Wyze cam Outdoor v3 vs Kasa cam outdoor

Outdoor Security CameraWyze cam v3Kasa Cam Outdoor KC420ws
Image sensor2MP Starlight image sensor4MP starlight image sensor
Video resolution1080p @20 fps2k (4MP)
LensGlass lens 2.8mm f/1.63.2 mm f/1.6
View angle130 degree110 degree horizontal
Zoom8x digital zoom8x digital zoom
SpotlightsN/A, the Pro version comes with spotlights2x Spotlights 3000K
Built-in SirenYes,Yes
Night visionColor night vision, and 4x IR LEDsStarlight color night vision, IR LEDs up to 98ft (29.9m)
Two way communication with built-in mic and speakerYesYes
StorageAvailable micro SD card slot up to 32GB with overwrite ; Wyze plus plan for cloud storageSingle Slot: microSD/ microSDHC/ microSDXC  [256 GB Maximum]; Kasa Care Plan to cloud storage for up to 30 days
ConnectivitySingle band 802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz 72Mbps
PowerPlug in ACPlug in AC
Outdoor Protection: IP65 weatherproofYesYes
Works with Alexa and Google AssistanceYesYes
Dimension2.1 in x 2.0 in x 2.3 in / (52 mm x 51 mm x 58.5 mm)4.97 in x 2.77 in x 2.77 in (126 mm x 70.4 mm x 70.4 mm)
Weight3,48 ounces (98.8 grams)14 ounces (396 grams)

The price difference is not too much, wyze cam v3 pro version is almost the same as kasa cam outdoor kc420ws. Click the link below to learn more details the product, see current price and get best deal in Amazon (#ads).

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