Yeskam 4Ch Wireless Security System vs Reolink

Yeskam 4 channel wireless security system with 4x high resolution 1080p outdoor camera is ideal for homes, or small business. How good it is compared with Reolink kit?

Yeskam 4 Channel

Yeskam offers 4 Channel 1080p wireless NVR system with auto pair technology. It’s a 4 camera wireless security system with DVR, with NVR actually since all the cameras are wireless IP camera, not analog cameras. The good thing is that this NVR system is Onvif compliant that means you can connect any third party Onvif compliant cameras to the system.

Should you require more channel more than 4, you may select other 8 channel wireless NVR system including the one offered by OOSSXX, Zosi and still more.

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Yeskam 4 channel is designed with built-in router, you can connect to your modem via the Ethernet port. In addition, it comes with wifi module with auto-pair technology, you just need to power the NVR and all the four wireless cameras and you’re in business.

All the four cameras are weatherproof with IP66 rated, and the resolution is 2.0MP (1080p) with 3.6mm lens. In addition, all the cameras support night vision with IR LED arrays to illuminate up to 100 ft(30m).


  • 4 channel 1080p NVR system with built-in router
  • Comes with wifi module with auto pair technology
  • Onvif compliant to allow third party cameras to connect
  • Supports manual, schedule and motion recording mode
  • Storage up to 6TB HDD 1x SATA port
  • 4x wifi camera with addition of Ethernet port
  • 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) resolution
  • Night vision support with IR LED arrays range up to 100 ft(30m)
  • IP66 rated weatherproof
Yeskam 4 Channel wifi NVR
Yeskam 4 Channel wifi NVR

This package, the  4 camera wireless security system with DVR / NVR system is tagged with the price around $400. It’s a standard price tagged to this model of NVR kit. The more channel and the higher resolution the more expensive the kit is. For example LaView 4K resolution 16 channel system or Reolink 8 Channel 4MP system.

Now compare this package with Reolink 4 channel wifi system.

Comparison Yeskam vs Reolink

Reolink introduces various models of IP cameras as well as NVR systems either for homes or business. For homes, you can find Reolink C2 wifi cameras with 4MP resolution and dual band wifi support. For small businesses, you may find 16 channel Reolink NVR kit.

Reolink 4 channel wifi system
Reolink 4 channel wifi system

Reolink RLK4-210W is ideal for homes or small businesses with four spots to monitor such as porch, backyard, rooms or offices. All the cameras are 1080p resolution with wireless support and IP66 rated for outdoor weatherproof.

Take a look at the features comparison table below that represents spec comparison between Reolink and Yeskam 4 channel wifi camera system.

See that both Yeskam and Reolink have the same features either the NVR and the included cameras. The pre-installed storage HD is bigger for Yeskam and also  the maximum capacity is bigger too.

Table 1 Yeskam vs Reolink

ModelYeskam wifi NVRReolink RLK4-210
Video resolution1080p @4 channel1080p @4 channel
ConnectionWifi system with auto pair technology

Built-in router

Wifi system with auto pair technology

Built-in router

OutputVGA and HDMI up to 1080pVGA and HDMI up to 1080p
Recording modesManual, schedule, motion detection and alerts to emailManual, schedule, motion detection and alerts to email
StoragePreinstalled 2TB

1x SATA port up to 6TB

Preinstalled 1TB

1x SATA port up to 4TB

Remote viewYesYes
Included cameras4x wireless camera4x wireless camera
Camera resolution1080p1080p
Night visionIR LED arrays with IR-CUT function  

Range up to 100 ft(30m)

36x IR LED arrays with auto IR-CUT function range up to 100ft (30m)
OutdoorIP66 rated weatherproof with metal caseIP66 rated weatherproof with metal case

To learn more detail including manufacturer’s description, current price in Amazon click the following links:

If four cameras is not enough, consider 8 channel with 8 1080p cameras offered by OOSSXX:

You may also like other models of 16 channel DVR system with camera such as CIB, Lorex and Amcrest. Or 8 channel Zmodo and Amcrest wireless security camera or any other kits – one of top 10 best 4 camera security system with recorder system

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