Zmodo 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera vs Amcrest

For large homes and small businesses, Zmodo offers 8 channel wireless security camera that includes 8x 720p wireless outdoor security cameras. For higher resolution you may consider Amcrest, Reolink or LaView.

Zmodo 8 Channel wireless system

For home users in general, installing security camera system seems to be complicated. So that’s why for single or couple of cameras requirement a standard home wifi camera is appropriate, easy to install and manage. For example a cheap camera Yi Home 1080p camera or Reolink C2 dual band camera.

DIY camera system

For large homes or small businesses that require some spots to monitor, Zmodo 8 channel wireless security camera kit is an easy to install system with 8x wireless outdoor security cameras. Setting up is easy by following the step-by step guides via your mobile phones using the free downloaded Zmodo app either Android or iOS based mobile device.

With this affordable Zmodo kits you can perform real-time remote viewing via your mobile devices while you are on the go, motion detection and alerts, intelligent recording to save storage and the good thing is that multiple accounts can view simultaneously.

See also top 5 wireless security camera system with DVR (8 channel wifi camera system) such as Safevant and Smonet wireless outdoor security system.

NVR system

Zmodo features 8 channel 720p HD resolution camera or up to 4 channel 1080p cameras @100 frame per second. It supports motion detection, schedule or normal recording. It comes with pre-installed 500GB hard disk to allow save the footage up to 20 days for all 8 connected cameras.

This NVR system is appropriate for homes or small business, should you require larger scale system you may consider 32 channel high bandwidth NVR systems or lower scale 16 channel DVR security system such as Lorex and Laview 16 channel nvr system kit.

Outdoor cameras

All the included 8x IP cameras are 720p resolution and are weatherproof ideal for outdoor or indoor. Place each of the cameras anywhere near to the power source to monitor the entryway, the rooms and anywhere requires monitoring.

Zmodo 8 channel wireless camera system
Zmodo 8 channel wireless camera system

All the cameras support night vision with automatic IR-cut filter to cover up to 65 ft (20m) range at night.

Highlight features

  • Zmodo 8-channel NVR system
  • 8 channel 720p or 4 channel 1080p video input
  • 720p video resolution @100 fps
  • Normal, intelligent and motion recording modes
  • Pre-installed 500GB storage for 20 days recording footage
  • Includes 8x 720p wireless outdoor cameras
  • All cameras support night vision with range up to 65 ft

Zmodo 8 channel wireless security camera system is an easy to install and DIY system for large homes or small businesses with affordable price around $300.

To learn more detail click the link below for more details manufacturer’s description, current price and rating in Amazon:

Click here for Zmodo 8 channel system

If 720p resolution is not enough for your need, you may consider higher resolution system including Amcrest 8 channel DVR system or Reolink 8 channel system.

Amcrest 8 channel 1080p

Wireless range of the wireless router at home is typically limited range up to 100 ft or longer if connection is good. Connection quality is prone to signal interference from other 2.4Ghz band based wifi appliance such as baby video monitoring, microwave oven, automatic garage system and more.

Amcrest 8 channel 1080p
Amcrest 8 channel 1080p

For longer range requirement instead of wifi connection, Amcrest offers Amcrest Tribids system that uses CCTV or Coaxial cable infrastructure. It comes with 8x 1080p HD outdoor cameras.


  • Amcrest 8 channel 1080p (1920tvl) DVR system
  • With preinstalled 3TB hard disk
  • 8 channel video with 8 BNC connection
  • Support QR Code scan for DVR for remote viewing
  • 8x 1080p (2.1MP) bullet cameras @30 fps
  • Uncompressed transmission @30 fps
  • Coaxial cable connection up to 984 ft
  • Support night vision with range up to 65 ft

If you compare Zmodo with this Amcrest 8 channel system you can find that Amcrest offers higher recording resolution up to 1080p @30 fps real time.  And the technology is different, Zmodo with NVR system with wireless outdoor cameras, and Amcrest is DVR system with coaxial cable connection.

This Amcrest DVR system kit is tagged with more expensive price around $580 compared with Zmodo which costs around $300. Click the link below for current price in Amazon, rating and more spec details.

Click here to learn more 8 channel Amcrest DVR system

Other option you may consider is Reolink 16 channel security camera system that comes with 8x 4MP (1460p) cameras.

Or you will be satisfied with the result of high resolution of up to 5mp wireless security camera system offered by GW Security or Amcrest – Click the following link for detail GW Security outdoor wifi security camera system with DVR vs Amcrest, 8 channel NVR system with eight wireless outdoor cameras.

See also Hikvision OEM 4MP camera to support your NVR system in place, or any other IP cameras with optical zoom, very sharp quality camera with varifocal lens.

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