Zmodo Sight 180 Wireless Home Camera

Zmodo introduces new Zmodo Sight 180 wireless camera with full HD 1080p resolution and wide 180 degree viewing angle. How good it is compared with popular Amcrest IP3m-941 wireless ptz camera?

With an award-winning design Zmodo Sight 180 adds more choices to wireless home security camera with beautiful and good looking design to your room to allow you stay in touch with your love ones including your kids or your pets.

Why Zmodo Sight 180

Zmodo Sight 180 as the name implies provides you the whole 180 degree field of view angle in the room, none is missing to record within the room. And it allows you to record any detected motion object in a wide 180 degree view area and sends you alerts with short video clip to your mobile devices.


Full HD

Zmodo 180 sight allows you to record the video in full HD 1080p resolution @25 frame per second (fps), sharp resolution viewed from your Smart phone. 1080p resolution is sharp enough even though few models of wireless camera offer higher resolution such as 3mp (2k) offered by Amcrest IP3m-941 or 4mp resolution offered by Hikvision (ds-2cd2442). In the next paragraphs we’ll discuss the comparison between Zmodo and Amcrest.

Zmodo sight 180 is used for indoor, not designed for outdoor. For outdoor you may have a try Dahua 4631 with 6mp resolution or higher resolution Amcrest ip5m 1176 5mp camera.

To stay in touch with your kids, Zmodo is appropriate knowing that the design is nice to blend with your room decoration and is two way audio communication.

Zmodo Sight 180 (~$80)


  • Wireless home camera with full HD 1080p resolution @25 fps
  • Wide 180 degree viewing angle with 1.78mm focal length
  • 4x digital zoom and smart night vision
  • Works with Alexa for voice control with separate Alexa device
  • Two way audio with built-in anti-noise microphone and loud speaker
  • Stainless steel stand with magnetic to keep the camera in its place

With 180 degree wide view angle this Zmodo wireless camera is ideal for indoor usage in the room or small office covering the whole 180 degree view.

Click here to learn more detail Zmodo Sight 180

This product is tagged with standard price like other similar competing products around $80, we’ll see later that the price will drop by the time when new products introduced with better technology.

Now let’s make a spec comparison table, a head to head comparison between Zmodo wireless camera and Amcrest.

Zmodo vs Amcrest

With Zmodo nice looking model, you may consider other competing products in the market which have similar features and take one of them is Amcrest ip3m-941 for compare to see how good Zmodo is compared with Amcrest.

amcrest ip3m-941

Amcrest 2K wifi camera IP3M-941

Spec comparison is summarized in the following spec comparison table.

Table Zmodo vs Amcrest wireless camera

Model Zmodo Sight 180 Amcrest IP3m-941
Recording Resolution 2mp / (1920x1080p @25 fps 3mp (2304×1296 resolution) at 20 fps with Sony image sensor, Ambarella chipset
Viewing angle 180 degree with 1.7mm lens 90 degree
Zoom 4x digital zoom Intelligent digital zoom
Panning and Tilting N/A Yes, remote access for panning and tilting
Night vision Yes Yes, with 12x IR LEDs up to 32 ft(10meter)
Works with Alexa Yes Yes
Storage Cloud storage, Motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 36 hours. Local storage ~64GB micro SD card, free 4 hours cloud storage
Wifi connection Single band 2.4Ghz Dual band support either 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz band
Price (Amazon Jul 2018) $79.99 $89.99


Both products are tagged with slightly different prices, around $10. See that the resolution is different, amcrest offers higher resolution, however Zmodo offers the wide view angle which is twice as wide as Amcrest.

As Zmodo sight 180 with 180 degree viewing angle, Amcrest is capable of panning endless 360 degree and panning capability as well you can control remotely with app.

The other difference is the wireless connection. See that Amcrest offers flexibility of dual band wireless connection either 2.4Ghz crowded band or less crowded 5Ghz band that is good for video connation to the network.

Now you will judge which one is suitable to meet your business need, Zmodo sight 180 or Amcrest ip3m-941.

Click here for Amcrest ip3m-941 spec details

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