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Affordable DIY Zosi vs Reolink Security Camera System Which One is Best Value

Zosi was founded in 2006 when at that time was as a startup company then developed into a video surveillance and security industry company with headquarters in Zhuhai City with its manufacturer industry based in Zhongshan City. Like other Chinese products, Zosi competes with other major vendors at more affordable prices without sacrificing the performance. How Zosi cameras compared with Reolink?

Zosi vs Reolink

Zosi releases a wide range of surveillance systems, both analog and network security camera systems. When compared to Reolink; the two vendors are almost the same except that Reolink does not produce analog camera products. And both of them provide surveillance security camera solutions at a more affordable price compared to other big vendors like Hikvision or Dahua.

How do Zosi vs Reolink products compare, which one gives you best value and suits your business needs?

We take two DIY surveillance kits that are sold at affordable price, ideal for your large homes, retails shops, apartments, or warehouses. These two surveillance kits offered by Reolink and Zosi become top rated surveillance kits in some online stores.

This time we compare the two security camera kits between Zosi and Reolink which received excellent rated in Amazon. 

Zosi vs Reolink Security Kit

I’ll take two surveillance kits that are popular and become top rated in some online stores, Zosi C306pk that comes with 8-channel NVR and 4 wire-free cameras and Reolink rlk8-824d4-a with 4 active deterrent  cameras.

Zosi 8 channel wire-free kit
Zosi 8 channel wire-free kit

Both of these surveillance kits are tagged at affordable price ideal for home or small business security camera system.  With four cameras in the kit you can still add four more compatible security cameras, because both kits use 8 channel recording unit.

Firstly I need to compare the security camera, the specs and features differences you may consider which one meet your business need.

Table1 below shows you spec comparison between Zosi and Reolink cameras included in each of the surveillance kit.

Video quality  

A higher camera resolution provides better sharpness and detail. Reolink rlc-824 is designed with 4k resolution, very sharp and more detailed to monitor your large home and property. By performing digital zoom, your image quality is still good and the noise level is much smaller than a similar camera with 1080p resolution.

For cameras with outdoor placement with a wide and far reach, a security camera with high 4k resolution will provide much better image detail than 1080p; of course it provides 4 times more detail than a 2MP camera. Reolink rlc-824 would be a preference choice, even though this surveillance kit is tagged with higher price. This makes sense since the cameras are all 4k resolution. Compare with Zosi which comes with four wire-free cameras (Zosi c306). Zosi c306 is a wire-free camera with only full HD (1080p) resolution, one fourth as high resolution as Reolink rlc-824.

Night vision

The presence of a visible security camera can stop intruders from breaking into your property. It is better to prevent intruders from entering further and committing criminal acts. A security camera with spotlights will illuminate the surrounding with white light that allows the camera to record and live view in color. Both Zosi and Reolink cameras are equipped with spotlights that allow the camera to record in color, not black and white.

Reolink 4k active deterrent camera kit
Reolink 4k active deterrent camera kit

However there is a feature different between the two products. Zosi come with both IR LED (for black and white night vision) and white LED as spotlight to render color night vision. With Zosi c306 the spotlight is triggered by motion detection or you cam manually trigger the spotlight for live view. When the spotlight is turned off, in dark environment or low light condition below minimum illumination the camera will use the IR LEDs for black and white night vision.

On the other hand, Reolink rlc-824 doesn’t come with IR LEDs but spotlights, and when the sensor detects the sun sets; the spotlights shine brightly by default to allow you live view and record color night vision.

This camera also functions as a night light enough to illuminate your front yard, hallway, or the backyard of your house. And of course more electrical power is used than a camera with spotlights that turned on when triggered by motion detection. Since this Reolink rlc-824 is powered by wired POE cable run to the NVR unit, continues power usage by the spotlights is not the problem. Zosi with battery power is not possible for continues usage of spotlight, it will just drain the power quickly.

Zosi wire-free camera is ideal when you need to place the camera in location where running power cable is an obstacle or not possible.


As mentioned above, reolink is an POE security camera that is used UTP cable to supply the power to the camera that must be run to the NVR with built-in POE switch. Reolink with this kit consists of reolink Rln8-410 8 channel NVR unit with built-in 8-port POE switch and 4pcs of POE cameras (rlc-824).

On the other hand, zosi with battery power cameras is preference if you need to have all the cameras are located in locations where power outlet is not available. The good thing is that these Zosi cameras allow you to opt using solar panel for sustainable energy. The drawback with this kit is that the resolution is only 1080p as opposed to Reolink with 4k resolution.

See also best solar powered security cameras in the market.

Read more details on the following spec comparison table for the two security cameras that come with each of the kit.

Table 1 Zosi vs Reolink Camera

Camera modelZosi IPC-3062Reolink RLC-824A
Image sensorCMOS sensor1/249inch CMOS sensor
Video resolution2MP (1920 x 1080) @25fps8.0MP (3840 x 2160) @25 fps
Compression formatH.264Supports H.265
Lens3.6mm  F=4.0 mm, f/2.0
Field of view angle90 degreeHorizontal: 85 degree; Vertical: 44 degree
SpotlightsWhite LED range up to 50ft, triggered by motion detection or manually triggered4pcs White LEDs 400lumen 6500K
Night VisionHigh power 6pcs IR LED with ICR Color night vision with spotlights onColor night vision with 4pcs spotlight with day and night auto-switching
Connectivity802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz radio bandEthernet 10/100Mbps RJ45
PowerDC 5V1A Battery: 7800mAh rechargeablePOE: IEEE 802.3af, 48V Active DC Power: DC 12.0V⎓1A, <12W
AudioFull duplex communication with built-in speaker and microphoneTwo way audio with built-in speaker and microphone
EventsPIR sensor, human detectionMotion detection/ person detection/ vehicle detection
StorageSupports micro SD Card 128GB; cloud storageN/A; connect to NVR unit or cloud storage
EnvironmentIP66 weatherproofIP66 weatherproof
Dimension and weightNo detailΦ117.4 x 103.8 mm Weight: 515g

What about the recording unit that comes with each of the kit?

Both the kits come with the same 8 channel NVR system; however each of them is different technically. Zosi is designed for wifi cameras; it doesn’t come with built-in POE ports for POE cameras like Reolink. Reolink Rln8-410 is also 8-channel NVR unit with built-in 8-port POE switch. You still can add 4 more security cameras including wireless camera to this recording unit.

For larger channels, see also GW Security 32 channel system kit.

Table 2 below shows you spec comparison between the two recording units. See that the storage capacity is double capacity for reolink, and the maximum resolution the camera cam support is up to 4k too. Regarding the specs and features, reolink rln8-410 is more favorable than Zosi.

Table 2 Zosi vs Reolink recording unit

Recording UnitZosi C306PKReolink RLN8-410
Channel #8 channel battery power cameras8 Channel
Recording resolutionUp to 3MPUp to 8MP / 4K Ultra HD
POE SwitchN/A wifi base station with 8 channelBuilt-in 8-port POE Switch
Video outputVGA and HDMIVGA (up to 1080p) , HDMI up to 12MP
(4096 x 3072)
StoragePreinstalled 1TB HDD Up to 8TB HDDPreinstalled 2TB HDD 1x SATA up to 12TB /
6TB each External e-SATA interface for HDD
Included cameras in the kit4pcs Zosi C306 wire-free camera4pcs Reolink RLC-824
Price in Amazon (Jun 2022)$389.99$559.99

Now, the price difference between the two kits is around $170. Reolink kit is more expensive but you have more advantages including the camera resolution is 4k, and the storage capacity for the recording unit is larger than Zosi.

With Zosi kit you can locate the camera in location where no power outlet is available, and you have option to use solar panel for sustainable energy, however the camera resolution if only 1080p. That’s appropriate for homes surveillance system.

Click the product’s link below to read more details each of the product in Amazon (#ads).

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