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Reolink vs Zosi Kit Which One is Better Value

With the same capability of providing 4k (8.0mp) image quality, which one do you choose between the Reolink 16 channel kit and the Zosi 8 channel system kit which the price difference between these two system kits is very much, almost half the price.

Reolink vs Zosi Camera Kit

When viewed from a budget perspective, the Zosi 8 channel provides a much more economical price, almost half the price than the Reolink 16 channel 4k system kit, which both system kits can provide image quality with the same 4k resolution technically.

So, what are the main differences between these two system kits? See also Zosi 8 channel NVR system kit vs Reolink.

Analog System vs IP camera

The main difference is the recording system which Reolink 16 channel kit is the NVR system (network video recorder) which uses the IP cameras connection while Zosi uses the dvr system (digital video recorder) which uses an analog camera with a coaxial cable connection.

We do not technically discuss the differences between these two types of security cameras systems because it has been discussed in many other articles on the webs; we only discuss the differences related to the two Zosi vs Reolink system kits.

Cable length

The first difference is the use of transmission media cable to run between the cameras to the recorder unit. Zosi which is an analog system uses coaxial cable that can be run as long as almost 500m (1600ft), while Reolink, which is an IP camera system, uses a UTP CAT5e network cable connection that can be run maximum of up to 100 meters (300ft).

For a very large area to cover in your property, of course, the analog system offered by zosi is more profitable than Reolink.

Audio recording

One of the advantages of Reolink with IP cameras is that each camera is equipped with a built-in microphone that allows you to record both video and audio at the same time and only requires one UTP cable for power, data and audio connections. Zosi kit is not equipped with audio and if the camera can record audio then a separate audio cable is needed and the dvr also supports audio.


The connection between the camera and the recording unit uses a different system. Reolink with the NVR system uses Cat5e UTP network cable that is used as data transmission media and also power in a single cable (PoE – aka power over Ethernet). In contrast to Zosi, which is a dvr system, the connection between the camera and recorder uses coaxial cable connection that can be run up to 1600ft and each camera also requires a power outlet around the camera.

Now, take a look at the following spec comparison table between Reolink and Zosi security camera system kit.

Spec comparison B800 vs Zosi

Table 1 Reolink B800 vs Zosi 4k Analog

Camera modelReolink B800Zosi 4k Analog
Resolution3840×2160 (4k) @20 fps3840×2160 (8.0mp)
Lens4.0mm f/2.03.6mm
View angle87 degree horizontal100 degree horizontal
Minimum illumination0lux (with IR illuminator)0.1LUX (When IR LEDs off ),0LUX (when IR LEDs on )
Night visionAuto switch day and night mode with 18pcs IR LEDs range up to 100ft (30m)Color during daytime/switches to B&W at night ; 24pcs IR LEDs up to 150 ft (50m)
AudioBuilt-in microphoneN/A
Memory storageNo memory; Reolink NVR DVR
Power and ConnectivityDC12V & PoE (IEEE 802.3af)DC12V/500mA Coaxial cable
Housing protectionIP66 weatherproofIP67 weatherproof with metal housing construction
Price kit (recording uit + 8pcs cameras)$469.99$899.99

See the price difference between the two security camera system kits that shows very much different. Reolink rlk-16 comes with 16-port POE switch to allow you connect up to 16pcs up to 4k security cameras, and it also comes with preinstalled 3TB hard disk as opposed to Zosi that comes with 8 channel BNC connection.

Spec comparison Reolink vs Zosi kit

Table 2 Reolink vs Zosi Recording Unit

Recorder modelReolink RLK-16Zosi 8TN-261W8
Recording typeNVR 16 channel  with built-in 16 channel POE switch8 channel DVR with built-in 8 channel BNC port and supports
TVI/ CVI/ AHD/ CVBS camera models
Decoding ResolutionUp to 3840*2160 Up to 3840*2160 (4k) @8 channel @8 fps
OutputVGA: 1080p HDMI: 4kVGA: 1080p HDMI: 4k
Storage2x SATA up to 6TB each HD (12TB) with 3TB pre installed HD1 SATA HDD up to 8TB with 2TB preinstalled HD

Now, which one is suitable to meet your business need you may choose either Reolink 16-channel with IP cameras or Zosi 8 channel DVR system kit. Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to SHOP Zosi 8 channel analog kit (#Ad)

Click here to SHOP Reolink 16 Channel kit (#Ad)

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