Zumimall Wire-free Camera vs Reolink Argus

Zumimall, and I’m sure you’ve only heard of this word now, moreover it has been linked to the name of outdoor wire-free cameras that are sold at prices far below other wire-free cameras such as Arlo, and Amcrest, and maybe as cheap as those offered by Reolink Argus or TP-link Kasa kc300s2 or Kamtron. See also Amazon product – Blink XT2 wire-free camera.

What this Zumimal product does?

The model offered by the Zumimall wire-free camera is similar to that offered by Kamtron, and if you notice a lot of similar products on the market including Akaso, Uokier, YXWin, Conico etc. They are designed with a similar housing. Among them are round magnetic mounting base and is affixed to the mounting kit on the wall making it easier for you to point the camera’s view angle to a certain point according to your needs.


We don’t know who released this similar product at the first time, but it is certain that they offer similar wire-free camera products offered by Arlo, a pioneer of wire-free camera products that can be placed anywhere without the hassle of setting up power outlets around where the camera will be placed.

Zumimall wire-free security camera
Zumimall wire-free security camera

It is said to be a wire-free camera because this camera is supplied by a rechargeable battery so there is no need for a power cable or power adapter connection to the camera. And also the network connection is not with a data cable but with a wifi connection to your home wifi network or to the base station of the camera.


Zumimal is powered by 6,000mAh rechargeable battery, bigger capacity than those offered by Arlo Pro 2 and Reolink Argus Pro. However, Zumimall doesn’t provide optional plug-in power like the one offered by Arlo Pro to allow you record continuously that typically drained large power that is not possible with batteries.

Zumimall and Reolink Argus offer optional solar cell power, but Arlo doesn’t. With solar cells power, you don’t need to worry anymore about power supply as long as there is always sunlight as a source of heat for your battery that can last until the evening when the sun sets.

Reolink Argus Pro
Reolink Argus Pro

Take a look at the following two spec comparison tables representing spec comparison table between Zuminal vs Arlo (table 1) and table 2 represents spec comparison table between Zumimall and Reolink Argus. See that few features are almost the same including two way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker, and IP65 rated weatherproof for indoor or outdoor placement.

Table 1 Zumimall vs Arlo

ModelZumimalArlo Pro 2
Camera resolution1080p1080p @30 fps
Field of view angle130 degree130 degree with 8x digital zoom
Night visionNight vision range up to 32 ft(10m)Yes, 850nm LEDs range up to 25ft (8m)
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Microphone and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker
Memory cardMicro SD Card up to 128GBN/A
HousingIP65 rated weatherproofIP65 rated weatherproof housing
PowerRechargeable 6,000mAh battery last up to 5monthsRechargeable 2,240mAh battery
Price (May 2020)$71.99$127.00

Table 2 Zumimall vs Reolink Argus

ModelZumimalReolink Argus Pro
Camera resolution1080p1080p @15fps
Field of view angle130 degree120 degree with 6x digital zoom
Night visionNight vision range up to 32 ft(10m)850nm IR LEDs up to 33ft (10m)
AudioTwo way audio with built-in Microphone and speakerTwo way audio with built-in Microphone and speaker
Memory cardMicro SD Card up to 128GBMicro SD Card slot available up to 64GB
HousingIP65 rated weatherproofIP65 weatherproof
PowerRechargeable 6,000mAh battery last up to 5monthsRechargeable 5,200mAh battery or Reolink solar power
Price (May 2020)$71.99$69.99

Zumimal and Argus are tagged at around the same price, compare with Arlo which still to buy Arlo base station. However, with Zumimall and Reolink you need to have wifi network @2.4GHz radio band in place to let the camera connects to the Internet network.

Click the link below to learn more spec details and link to SHOP in Amazon (#Ads).

Solar panel powered

Zumimal also released a security camera which is powered by solar panel so you no longer need to check whether the camera battery is still fully charged or out of battery power. With solar panel, this means that the camera uses renewable energy as long as the sun is shining as an abundant source of energy.

Zumimal wire-free camera with solar panel
Zumimal wire-free camera with solar panel

The power output is 3.7 Watt and is made with IP65 rated weatherproof which is resistant to harsh weather both rain and sunshine because it has to receive sunlight as an energy source. It comes with 13 ft long power cable, making it easier for you to place the solar panel in a place that gets maximum sunlight.

With the addition of solar panel, this Zumimal security camera is tagged around $89.99 in Amazon. Click the link below to shop in Amazon (#Ads).

Click here to SHOP Zumimal camera with solar panel.

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